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TempSure™ Envi is an innovative radiofrequency platform that offers wrinkle reduction and can also reduce the appearance of cellulite for impressive skin rejuvenation. Gerald Morris, MD, MPH, and Amanda Bacchus-Morris, MD, MPH, at AMG Medical & Aesthetics in Tucson, Arizona, offer full-body skin tightening with TempSure Envi. If you’re ready to smooth wrinkles, improve sagging skin, and banish cellulite, schedule a consultation by calling the office or book an appointment online today.

TempSure Envi Q & A

What is TempSure Envi?

TempSure Envi is an advanced aesthetics system that uses radiofrequency energy to tighten and smooth your skin. The expert providers at AMG Medical use TempSure Envi to treat wrinkles and lines, sagging skin, and cellulite.

How does TempSure Envi work?

TempSure Envi uses radiofrequency waves to heat the cells in the deep layers of your skin, without harming your skin’s surface. The radiofrequency waves stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which give your skin its strength and elasticity. TempSure Envi also boosts circulation in your skin, promoting cellular renewal for tighter, smoother, younger-looking skin.

Which areas can TempSure Envi address?

Some of the most common areas that can benefit from TempSure Envi wrinkle-reduction treatments include:

  • Crow’s-feet
  • Frown lines
  • Smile lines

Common areas for TempSure Envi cellulite reduction include:

  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs

However, the providers at AMG Medical have the training and experience to use TempSure Envi to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite in almost any part of the body.

What should I expect during a TempSure Envi procedure?

Treatments with TempSure Envi usually take 20 minutes or less. During your treatment, you can recline comfortably while your AMG Medical provider passes the TempSure Envi handpiece over the target area several times. Most patients don’t find TempSure Envi treatments uncomfortable; however, AMG Medical offers Nitronox, a cutting-edge nitrous oxide and oxygen analgesia for pain-free aesthetics procedures.

TempSure Envi is noninvasive, so there’s no downtime, and you can return to work and normal activities right after your appointment.

How many wrinkle-reduction treatments will I need?

Whether you're having skin-tightening or cellulite treatments, you’ll probably need a series of treatments for optimal results. Following your initial consultation, your AMG Medical expert will create a customized treatment plan to meet your individual needs and goals.

When will my results be visible?

Your skin will be visibly tighter and smoother after your very first TempSure Envi treatment. As your cells produce new collagen and elastin, your skin will become smoother and firmer. In a few months, you’ll be enjoying the full results of tighter, younger looking skin.

If you’d like your skin to appear firmer and more youthful, schedule a TempSure Envi consultation by calling AMG Medical today or make an appointment online.


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